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Client Testimonials

When writing a recommendation you're asked which type of professional relationship you've had with the person. Initially I ticked off service provider, but then it struck me that business partner would be a much better description. What I have experienced working with Ayelet is that, not only can you rely on her to get s... done at impressive speed, she will go the extra mile and exceed your expectations on an ongoing basis. The culture she has been able to build is beyond best practice, and a lot of agencies should take a peek at what they do, because they certainly do it right.

Nicolas Branas Michaelsen, Co-Founder of AirHelp
01 47

We have worked with several agencies before and have always left unsatisfied. Ayelet healed years of PR-firm-scars for us with her care, attentiveness, and smart strategy. She doesn't just talk a big game, she follows through with real results, and finds ways to position her clients for maximum exposure. It is an absolute joy to do business with her, and it is clear that her team is composed of bright minds that reflect her fun and intelligent way of being. Whenever another entrepreneur asks me for a PR firm recommendation, I never hesitate to send them to Ayelet. Quite literally, she is the best.

Brad Folkens, CEO & Co-Founder of CloudSight
02 47

I've worked with Ayelet and her team for the past year. I had assumed they were good since they came highly recommended, but their work has exceeded all of my expectations. They've proven to be extremely service oriented and an absolute pleasure to work with. They are always available, they're very proactive, and most importantly, they get excellent results! I would highly recommend working with Ayelet and her team.

Tom Ryan, CEO & Co-Founder of Pluto TV
03 47

I worked with Ayelet & team for nearly ten years when I was the CMO at uTest & Applause, and also while I was CEO of Mautic. Ayelet is uniquely positioned at the forefront of modern PR. While a lot of firms make this claim, it is exceedingly rare to find professionals that get consistent results and maximize coverage & exposure for growing brands. Her knowledge of the media and PR landscape extends well beyond the theoretical, fluffy talk that drive a lot of CMO's crazy (including me). She has helped countless brands -- including ours -- build awareness, refine storytelling, and grow engagement through intelligent use of ever-evolving tools. Ayelet also stays on top of the ever-shifting media landscape; always knowledgeable about the latest trends and how they can best be used. She’s ridiculously & uniquely well-connected with journalists, editors, bloggers and digital pundits. Beyond all of that, Ayelet and her team are a lot of fun to work with, and really became an extension of our in-house Marketing team.

Matt Johnston, General Manager at Acquia
04 47

The SlicedBrand team has been a pleasure to work with. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding creative ways to secure top-tier coverage. Their out-of-the-box thinking has driven angles beyond our announcements, creating stories worthy of being heard and securing coverage in TechCrunch, CNET, International Business Times, and more. This agency is unlike any other I’ve worked with before as they seamlessly integrate into your own team. Always on hand to answer any questions or jump on any timely opportunities.

Nick Zamanov, Director of Business Development of Cyber Switching
05 47

At the IOTA Foundation, we work with and create complex technologies. We had no doubt that Ayelet and her team at SlicedBrand would be the perfect partners for us as they quickly grasped the intricacies of our our work and are real experts on the field of public communications and strategy.

IOTA is a non-profit DLT-based foundation seeking to change the way the world operates so it's extremely reassuring to have a PR firm that understands our mission. It helps that they also understand the underlying technology and enthusiastically work with us to further our messaging and positioning in the broader market.

Every project we launched was met with attention, appreciation for our mission and a positive, informed press strategy. SlicedBrand works hand in hand with our team members to capture all the details needed to create relatable press releases and media outreach. Their outreach about our stories continues to receive overwhelming coverage at top-tier publications all over the world. Aside from media coverage, through speaking opportunities and placement of our thought leadership articles at leading publications, they have helped to position us as global thought leaders.

The SlicedBrand team seemingly works around the clock making sure that every detail of our work together is covered and we’re never slacking on project communication. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend them to anyone asking!

Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors & Founder of the IOTA Foundation
06 47

Working with SlicedBrand is such a pleasure. Ayelet and Lauren are great at identifying reporters’ specialities and needs in advance and super responsive whenever I’m in contact with them. They’re forthcoming, tuned into the crypto and web3 space, and always on top of things. I’m continually impressed with their client roster and the quality of all their press materials. SlicedBrand makes my job easy, which is exactly what I want from any PR company I work with. I’ve collaborated with them on a number of interesting stories at this point, and they’ve made it a pleasant and great experience every time.

Tom Farren, Tech Reporter at Cointelegraph
07 47

SlicedBrand is a very active and engaged agency. Ayelet and her team don’t just walk through the paces of PR, they are actively involved in preparing us for launch and beyond. They ask questions, they help us refine messaging, and provide constant, constructive feedback as to our mission. Xayn is a company embroiled in AI and high-tech concepts, so it’s important to us that anyone we partner with is willing and able to understand this technology. The SlicedBrand team dove right in and pushed us to produce information at our highest level. They have helped to position our leadership team as experts in the industry through thought leadership pieces and are preparing us for a successful product launch. Their contacts across the media and influencers in the tech world have already been a driving factor in our development.

Dr. Clara Herdeanu, Head of Communications at Xayn
08 47

We are highly impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the team. They have invested serious thought and work to make our project a success. All members of the team attend each weekly meeting. We are not the easiest client because of our own sometimes strong views of how things should be done. AND because of our high state of distraction because of having a lot on our plates. SLICEDBRAND has adapted to our preferences within the parameters of what their professional knowledge dictates should be done and they offer us gentle reminders for our contributions. We think they are a perfect PR partner.

Allan Klepfisz, Co-Founder & CEO of WatchOut Group
09 47

The SlicedBrand team has exceeded our expectations in every way possible. From the moment they delivered the PR strategy we could immediately tell they understood both our complex technology and the larger message we wished to convey. Ayelet and her team were always one step ahead in preparation and adapted easily to on-the-fly updates. We were kept in the loop every step of the way throughout every media outreach. The coverage we have received in just the short time since working together is proof of their commendable work and we would recommend them to anyone.

Chris Shuptrine, VP of Marketing at Kevel
10 47

From the moment I started working with Ayelet and her team, I was immediately impressed with her business acumen and her dynamic approach to PR -- a perfect mix of pragmatism and creativity. We approached Ayelet and her team in the early stages of Wasteless’ development. She immediately sharpened our public-facing strategy and leveraged her connections in ways I could have never anticipated. She has startup public relations down to both an art and a science, and her team is always two steps ahead when it comes to identifying and jumping on new opportunities. SlicedBrand isn’t a run-of-the-mill PR agency, which is precisely why I reached out in the first place and regularly recommend them to others.

Oded Omer, Founder & CEO of Wasteless
11 47

I want close collaboration and real media expertise out of my PR company, and I found that with SlicedBrand. Ayelet, Lauren, and their team listened to our feedback and advised us every step of the way, tapping into their network of journalists and publications to get us exactly the kind of coverage and attention we wanted. Working with SlicedBrand felt like proper teamwork and not just another service contract. They designed a full media strategy and saw it through, landing us prominent coverage and thought leadership opportunities. SlicedBrand is highly experienced in tech PR and the whole team is an invaluable resource to us.

Itai Sadan, Co-Founder & CEO of Duda
12 47

SlicedBrand exceeded our expectations right away. We’re so impressed with their ability to leverage their press contacts to secure coverage on everything from local TV news to major crypto and global finance publications. They’re extremely thorough and efficient. They’re PR experts who fundamentally understand the unique structure and culture around crypto and blockchain technology, and they’re uniquely capable of translating that to journalists. I think the results and the coverage speak for themselves, but Ayelet, Lauren, and their team are also lovely to work with and highly responsive to our needs. They’ve earned our trust as hands-on PR pros who care about their work and ours.

David Kiger, Co-Founder of Blockmetrix
13 47

Ayelet and her team are extremely media savvy and highly skilled at what they do. They have great connections, experience and instincts. They’re proactive and creative when planning, designing and tweaking media outreach efforts. Working closely with Ayelet and Lauren every step of the way, I always felt that getting the Via Surgical brand and product out in the world was a genuine priority for them. They were definitely the right choice for our organization. We love working with you and can’t wait to build our future success together!

Lena Levin, Co-Founder & CEO of Via Surgical
14 47

We approached SlicedBrand as we were emerging out of stealth mode with the expectation that they would help get us off the ground with the right media coverage. They certainly did so – and more. Ayelet, Lauren, and their team prepared us for the public launch and everything that comes after, and made sure everyone was on the same page the whole way. Their materials are thought-out and incisive. Speedb is complex technology built for professional developers, and SlicedBrand made a point to really understand the tech itself and what separates us from our competitors. They asked the right questions every step of the way. They’re pros at what they do, and it shows in the coverage results we were able to achieve.

Adi Gelvan, Co-Founder & CEO of Speedb
15 47

The SlicedBrand team was fantastic to work with. HappyFunCorp was in the throes of evolving our business when we joined forces with SlicedBrand. Not only had we been acquired, but we also needed to work with an agency that was flexible and able to fill in the blanks when we were at our busiest. The team crafted a detailed and forward-thinking PR strategy that met our needs and got our acquisition news coverage in some of the most credible top-tier tech publications. The team was proactive and consistently sought opportunities to get HappyFunCorp’s name out there, keeping our channels of communication open at all times. It was great to bounce ideas off of team members and get content out there that I’m passionate about.

Ben Schippers, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of HappyFunCorp
16 47

I've known Ayelet for many years. As I run a marketing and consulting company, we've had the opportunity to network and create lasting relationships with clients and peers across many industries. Everyone at SlicedBrand is a rockstar. These creative, industrious people have cultivated some of the most solid connections while maintaining a high level of professionalism. I never hesitate to recommend Ayelet and her team to my contacts. There are a lot of PR companies out there, but only one Ayelet Noff.

Stefanie Palomino, Co Founder & Partner at red lab
17 47

Ayelet is truly a rare combination of a PR professional and a clever and thoughtful person to work with. Some of her advice helped us in getting far more traction than we expected and in addition, her personal devotion to get the work done with the best results possible, coupled with a great team of PR and content talents helped us a lot in building our brand. I highly recommend to hire and will be happy to provide further details to anyone if needed.

Danny Peled, Co-Founder & Former CEO of Vidmind
18 47

We used the services of Ayelet and her team several times, and are still a client. Ayelet has a unique understanding and superb connections in the global tech market. She will tell you very clearly what can be achieved and then over deliver consistently. Highly Recommended.

Ami Ben-David, Co-Founder & CEO of Ownera and Serial Entrepreneur
19 47

Ayelet is simply perfect. She gets the job done faster, better, and merrier than can be expected. I would not only recommend her but hope to continue working with her from years to come.

Shai Genish, VP Business Development at Voxox
20 47

After speaking to vast amount of PR agencies, we knew from day one, that Ayelet and her team were the perfect fit for us. As we were located in two different time-zones, they were extremely flexible and really ensured that they were there at every critical moment regardless, of what time it was. Ayelet has exceeded our expectations in every regard and the team's ability to brainstorm, ideate, come up with a tailored solution to your requirements and then execute those ideas is incredible and we have no hesitance in recommending them. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Kabir Sidhu, CEO & Co-Founder at AirBolt
21 47

Working with Ayelet and the team is a dream. One of the best PR agencies I've had the pleasure of working with, and always looking to turn the mundane into something worth talking about. She's super smart, super connected, and all about the relationship with the client. If you're a tech startup looking to make an impact I cannot recommend getting in touch with Ayelet highly enough

Theo Priestley, Former CEO of Cronycle
22 47

I've recommended Ayelet to numerous startups, and have never regretted this. Ayelet is a true professional, and is the one to turn to for results.

Yaniv Golan, Founder & General Partner at Lool Ventures
23 47

I invest in startups and Ayelet is always my first choice for my portfolio. Over the years both she and her firm have delivered on numerous occasions the PR impact that was aimed for. If you're considering a PR firm, make sure to contact her. I'll also be happy to provide an offline recommendation.

Roi Carthy, CEO of Hudson Rock
24 47

As a new technology startup in Washington State, ChooseVets had no social media plan, no public PR, and no staff trained to execute or manage these tasks. After an extensive search and a few conversations with Ayelet, we finally decided to hire, given their history of success with other tech startups. It was the best decision we could have made. While we were a bit concerned over the time difference between Seattle and Tel Aviv, everyone was extremely flexible and worked to accommodate our schedule. The PR, social media, and strategy teams worked hard to formulate and train us to execute on all fronts. After three months, we are up and running with a comprehensive, customized social media strategy. We also have a number of articles that have been published in Forbes, FastCompany, and local media that give ChooseVets a great deal of brand legitimacy. It has been a pleasure to work with and learn from Ayelet and the entire team. As a startup, it’s a must. Learn from the best and start ahead of the game.

Johannes Schonberg, Former Director of Strategic Partnerships at ChooseVet
25 47

The level of service the team had provided us with, the deep understanding of both the product, the market and how to wrap it up to be picked up by the top technology publications and bloggers, the creativity thinking, the fine and accurate phrasing of the PRs and guest posts and above all, the devotion of the team – all of these left us with great satisfaction. We are now getting below the radar again, to complete a few important internal processes. but in a few months we will definitely come back to tell the world about our new "Emotional Targeting" capabilities. Once ready to shout the shout again, they will be our PR agency for sure!

Idan, Eli & the entire Vicomi team
26 47

As the CEO of a start-up company, at the breach of product maturity that’s ready to meet the market, I started looking for the right company to lead the critical task of launching. Both strategic and hands on. In my thorough research for the right company for the task, the name that came up the most, with the highest recommendations, from both colleagues and investors was Ayelet Noff. After working with Ayelet and the team I can say without any doubt that they are the most dedicated, professional and creative digital marketing company I have ever come across, and the results speak for themselves. The PR and Social strategy were innovative, and even more important ……they worked!! We achieved all our first month objectives in the first day!!! The brand awareness, number of PRs and app users went through the roof. For anyone considering a digital marketing strategy, campaign or launch, I would strongly recommend Ayelet to the task. I would also be more than happy to provide an offline recommendation.

Shir Baor, Co-Founder & CEO of Camera51
27 47

Going with Ayelet and the awesome team is probably the best move our company did. With a with a great "family" vibe, they are always seeking (and finding), great results. Personally, it's a true pleasure to work and learn with/from Ayelet and the team. Creative, fun and focused. Whatever your product is, Working with Ayelet truly maximizes the chances of real magic happening.

Raz Roth, Co-Founder of Namez
28 47

It is a pleasure both personally and professionally to work with Ayelet and the rest of the team. They are always one step ahead of us!

Gil Devora, Co-Founder of The Floor
29 47

Ayelet & the gang are hands down, the best P.R agency I have ever encountered. With outstanding results, they are true professionals. They are fast, bold, accurate and surprising, alongside with being kind, attentive, fun and funky. Extremely well connected and willing to go all the way for their clients. In short - The Best.

Adam Grey, Co-Founder & Former CEO of Namez
30 47

Ayelet and the team are awesome! In addition to being very very professional and knowledgeable in the space of social media and PR, they were relentless in getting us the desired results. Their ability to intimately grasp the nuance of our complex business, leverage their creativity to figure out the best message and how to put it together and drive to the final result of coverage and buzz was super impressive! Highly recommended to anyone who wants a marketing partner who gets startups.

Avishai Shoham, Founder & Former CEO of Evoz
31 47

Have hired Ayelet 6 month prior to our market launch in order to support uTest in its initial awareness marketing campaign. The result produced by Ayelet has been far beyond my initial expectations. Ayelet is highly appreciated by fellow bloggers and is well connected and appreciated as a true professional. She introduced numerous ideas that helped our awareness campaign tremendously. Ayelet is a hard worker and a true professional. I will be sure to use her services again. I am happy to recommend Ayelet to anybody requiring marketing consultancy, awareness and positioning.

Doron Reveni, Founder & CEO of Applause (formerly uTest)
32 47

Ayelet was personable and professional from day 1. Being a North American in Israel, I was looking to work with people who really understand service and quality. We found that with Ayelet and her staff, and couldn't be more happy. The results of the coverage we got increased our exposure, and they delivered on everything they promised- and more! Kudos!

Itamar Weisbrod, Director of Product Management at Yahoo, Head of Comms Product AI
33 47

In an area with so many self-proclaimed quasi-experts, Ayelet is a true one. Well informed and well-connected, she can quickly contribute real value to any brand online.

Nadav Gur
34 47

Ayelet is much more than a typical consultant; in fact hiring her is like adding a member to the company's core. Her ability to join the organization quickly and seamlessly, plus understand the business, the market, the work environment and the other team members is priceless. Hiring Ayelet means you get more than her time and expertise – you also get her full devotion and passion. You can count on her being available for you at almost any time, always ready to help. 

Having Ayelet on board as a consultant means you get more than just plans and advice. Ayelet is very hands-on, defining and formulating methodologies and strategies on the one hand, and also carrying them out and implementing all she has preached to practice. She is an extremely hard worker, never leaving any task unfinished. She takes every meeting seriously, preparing carefully, checking backgrounds, setting goals and making sure opportunities are never wasted.

Ayelet has the talent and flexibility to work with anyone. She instinctively feels and adjusts to the customer's needs and mode of work: If the customer wants to be involved in every decision and know about all she and her team are doing – it'll be so. If they trust Ayelet (and they should), she'll do her job professionally and diligently, completely autonomously.

Ayelet is one of the most gifted networkers I know. Her social skills enable her to befriend anyone, talk to them and to connect to them both professionally and emotionally. She has a natural flare of recognizing both talent and relevance – when Ayelet introduces you to someone, you had better pay attention and can be sure it's someone you need to know. She has introduced us to multiple bloggers, investors, and opinion leaders.

Ayelet has greatly helped me and my company - she truly is a social media expert who understands how to utilize social media tools in a way that only few can. She comes recommended in every possible way!

Dan Barak, Co-Founder & COO of Stackbit
35 47

Excellent cooperation and always getting things done. Ayelet is well connected with the adtech world, which helps on moving the needle for relevant companies. It’s a pleasure working with her and the team.

Conno Christou, VP Innovation at Glispa & Co-Founder of Avocarrot
36 47

I worked with Ayelet prior to and throughout the launch of Complete. Her and her team were instrumental in securing press from major publications and prominent evangelists. I highly recommend her for any early stage consumer tech company seeking to have an impactful product launch.

Xander Schultz, Founder of Former CEO of Complete
37 47

Ayelet's blog was one of the first blogs I ever read and one of the strongest forces that pushed me to begin blogging. Ayelet is one of the few people who warrant the title "social media expert". She knows her stuff and implements it well. I look forward to working with Ayelet in the future.

Hillel Fuld, Tech Columnist & Startup Advisor
38 47

My company, idomoo, began using Ayelet’s services as a marketing consultant from our very first day. In the product development stages Ayelet provided deep knowledge about how a web product should be built in terms of features, usability, design and more. She also did a wonderful job analyzing and mapping potential competitors in order to help us find the right positioning for idomoo in the market. We are now launching our online buzz marketing campaign, which was planned and built by Ayelet and her team. We also look forward to using Ayelet’s high level contacts with leading bloggers and key people within the industry to help further our success and spread the word about our brand. Ayelet was also a great help in helping us to raise funds as she is connected to many angels and VCs who respect her opinion.

Eitan Fogel, Former CEO of idomoo
39 47

Ayelet has been phenomenal in helping us create our web presence. She’s constantly thinking up new ways to promote our company, and is extremely dependable and action-oriented. Ayelet has gone well beyond the original project scope to provide assistance in many areas and truly feels like part of the team.

Carmel Gerber, Founder & VP Business Development of Playce
40 47

Ayelet taught me everything I know about social media. I thought I had it figured out when I joined Blonde 2.0, but after just a few days with Ayelet I realized I had a long way to go. She was an endless source of information...She taught me to pay attention to details, double check everything I do and always stay up to date with the latest trends. Ayelet was the one who introduced me to the world of startups and made me think in global terms, not just local. Her constant feedback along with the freedom to make mistakes is what made me the manager I am today. Ayelet is one of the most professional people you will ever meet and I'm proud to say I was her employee and happy to call her a friend.

Maya Grossman
41 47

I was very satisfied by the work done for us by Ayelet and the team. Their drive, creativity and friendliness were a great asset to getting our social media and PR efforts off the ground!

Feivi Arnstein, Founder & CEO of Slikk
42 47

We were very happy to have worked with Ayelet and her agency for our marketing campaign. She was able to secure great press coverage in a short time period and was always there to answer our questions and needs. Moreover, they came up with creative ideas and were always positive and enthusiastic when working with us. We were really pleased with the results from their efforts and would definitely recommend her services to other companies who need exposure and publicity. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Gary Atlan, Founder at ARPEGE
43 47

Ayelet and her agency cover all aspects of social management and PR for IncrediLand (a social game on Facebook). I am extremely pleased with the results. The game fans community is very well managed and growing. In terms of the PR , Ayelet handled the PR very professionally and the end result was very impressive as we got very good reviews on some of the leading blogs that cover Facebook and social games. In addition Ayelet who is very well connected helps a lot on various business development aspects as finding business partners and potential investors. If you are looking for Social community management, social marketing or PR services I highly recommend working with Ayelet and agency.

Yuval Amir
44 47

Ayelet and her team were instrumental in helping us launch a social media presence and test different tactics to grow it. It was great to work with them and I would recommend their services to any b2b or b2c company trying to get on the social media bandwagon.

Boaz Lantsman
45 47

Ayelet is a true social thinker expert, she helped DoNanza analyze, declare and execute our social marketing strategy and she did a great job! Ayelet has an exceptional ability to analyze the social strategy by taking into consideration whole other business aspects (product, marketing, etc.), Ayelet brings with her a great team spirit and a high level commitment, out-of-the-box thinking and its a pleasure to work with her.

Liran Kotzer, Founder & CEO of
46 47

I've had the pleasure of consulting with Ayelet on a number of occasions and have always found her commentary to be intellectually enlightening and insightful. She has taken her position at the epicenter of Israeli hi-tech and Web 2.0 and transformed herself and the companies she consults into social media powerhouses. She is a true asset and pioneer in the Israeli technological scene and I am not even slightly surprised at the great success she is enjoying.

Tomer Molovinsky
47 47