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  • Brand Messaging
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  • Media Relations
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  • Speaking Opportunities
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  • Crisis Management
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At SlicedBrand, we offer a comprehensive package of services. We create an integrated strategic plan in order to help you reach your core objectives while earning maximum brand recognition via top media exposure.

Brand Messaging

Every brand is made up of unique slices, each needing to be shared and publicized in a different manner. We see ourselves as storytellers delivering your stories to the world in the most unique way that rises above all the noise. We assist in defining your unique selling points and crafting your message in the optimal way that aligns with today’s market opportunities. While also creating storylines that appeal to your target audiences. We help you figure out your positioning, as well as what makes you better than your competition.

PR Strategy

These days it’s more important than ever to create a strong PR strategy across all platforms to communicate in the right way. People are glued to their computers, seeking knowledge, insights, and engagement with others. Marketing across the right channels and promoting your message in the best way is crucial to attracting media attention, and achieving your goals as a brand. Through skilled PR strategy and targeted efforts across media outreach, media relations, thought leadership, and speaking opportunities, we implement the right strategy for your brand.

Media Relations

We create a PR strategy that’s tailored to your specific needs, craft your press releases, and consult you on the strongest and most creative angles for each of your stories in order to achieve your goals. We are out-of-the-box thinkers who come up with creative and timely stories so that you can be in the news even when you might not have news. Once we create that perfect pitch, we leverage our extensive network of media and key influencers that has been cultivated over the last 14 years to make sure your story is spread to the right audiences. Read this article by our Founder and CEO on how to get a journalist’s attention.

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Thought Leadership

We want to highlight not only your company but also your leadership team. Displaying a knowledgeable executive team to the world positions you as industry leaders and reflects positively on your brand. We come up with ideas for the most relevant and insightful thought leadership articles and help you craft them. We then get these articles published in targeted outlets to drive industry recognition and credibility. These articles not only aid in SEO, but also enable us to pitch your team as industry go-tos for the best commentary and speaking opportunities. They will also assist you when pursuing future investment and partnership opportunities.

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Speaking Opportunities

Speaking on stage at relevant industry events is a great way to heighten your visibility to leads, investors, the media, and other target audiences. We map out the industry events around the world that fit your specific needs and find you a place in the spotlight by utilizing our strong connections with event organizers.

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Commentary & Podcasts

We present you with the best and most relevant commentary and podcast opportunities. Due to our strong relationships with journalists and influencers across various industries, we are often asked to help media connect with go-to experts for commentary and more in-depth podcast interviews with industry leaders. Commentary and podcasts can be highly effective in bringing in leads and partnerships, as well as boosting brand credibility. Ongoing opportunities to provide insight ensure that your brand always stays in the news and at the top of mind, even when you don’t have news to share.

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Crowdfunding Campaigns

We have led many campaigns to success since the very early days of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a wonderful way to raise money for your idea and test its market feasibility. We take every step to help your campaign reach its goals and beyond through creative, integrated strategies. Read this article written by our Founder and CEO about how to lead a successful campaign and watch this video interview for additional tips.

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Crisis Management

Your reputation is your most important asset. When your brand name is on the line, it’s crucial that the situation be managed properly. We develop strategies to minimize the damage caused and consult you on an on-going basis to prevent crises before they happen. With our experience in handling corporate crises, we are able to guide you through the worst of times. Read more about the advice our Founder and CEO would offer to those facing negative press here.

Media Insights & Reports

Our ideology is based on transparency and measurement. We regularly provide comprehensive reports and analytics so that you can view results based on data-driven insights and measure the ROI of your PR spend. Read this article written by our Founder and CEO about how to effectively measure PR efforts.