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We’re eagerly anticipating the age of the metaverse, which combines blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and other industries we’ve been passionate about for years. PR for metaverse startups will touch on a broad spectrum of industries, including retail, healthcare, gaming, travel, and many others, so you’ll want an agency that has already forged solid relationships in a wide variety of tech sectors. We have years of experience in handling public relations across tech-centric industries, as well as the expertise to make your metaverse startup stand out above the noise. We’ll get your news covered on major tech and mainstream publications, share the best commentary opportunities, help your C-level team to craft thought leadership pieces, and get them published in top outlets. We have been doing tech PR for decades, and Business Insider named our Founder and CEO, Ayelet Noff, as one of the top 36 tech PR pros. Check out this article by our Founder and CEO with PR tips for your metaverse startup.

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