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Looking for the next PR superstars


We’re searching for highly skilled, out-of-the box thinkers who love technology and enjoy a dynamic, collaborative, and fast-paced environment. If you are passionate about innovation, excel at communication, and want to be part of our team conquering the digital world, please send us your resume.


A note from our Founder:

When I started this company, I had a vision of bringing together the highest quality team with the most innovative and worthy companies in order to achieve top coverage for those who truly deserve it. To accomplish this mission, I knew I needed a team that was not only passionate about our cause but was also eager to always give their best no matter what. I wanted to work with team members that I knew had the potential to be great (even if they lacked the experience when coming to us) and were craving to learn the skills necessary to become PR rockstars. Looking at our team today, I recognize (and feel blessed) that I have surrounded myself with great individuals that are truly dedicated to our vision of making the most impactful technologies known to the world. We have achieved many great things together and I’m truly proud of our team and all that is yet to come.

We welcome with open arms any new team members who are passionate about storytelling and helping innovators and great companies get recognized for their accomplishments.  PR is not for everyone. SlicedBrand is not for everyone. Work is often stressful and hard. However, it is also hugely rewarding and fun at the same time. Where else are you able to write great stories for the most innovative tech startups in the world, and introduce them to the world? If what I said above resonates with you, then I think you’ll be very happy with us. We promise you:

1. You’ll learn everything about PR from A - Z. If you want to learn everything about the art of PR, there won’t be a better firm for you. Unlike other agencies, you’ll get to do everything from client communication to pitching journalists, and learn by practice.

2. You’ll also work closely with the CEO and VP who have been in the industry for decades and won numerous awards including titles such as best PR Pros in the world (check out our website for further details). This is an opportunity that is rarely presented to PR associates.

3. You won’t be hidden away - many PR firms don’t let you meet clients and hide you away to do the mundane work. Not with us. We will always put you in the front.

4. We encourage you to utilize your strengths. Some of our positions were created by the team members themselves. If there’s a specific aspect of the work you feel you excel at, we encourage you to do more of it, and even create your own role.

Last but not least, this job is what you make of it. If you give us your all, we will give you our all. The huge advantage is that we are small but growing and there is a lot of room for promotion and personal growth. Show us your dedication and we’ll do the same. We’re on this journey together!

We are expanding and looking for the next superstars to join our fabulous team. We have full-time employment positions available as well as freelance/contract ones.

Managing Editor

All qualified candidates will receive an exercise to complete in order to proceed in the process.

If you do not fit the above qualifications, please do not apply.

*Only qualified candidates will be answered*